The Koneswaram Kovil is one of the most important Hindu temples in the region, dating back hundreds (if not thousands) of years. Positioned atop a cliff face, the views are also breathtaking. Conveniently located just 2km from Trincomalee town, it's a five minute tuk tuk or car ride. 

Hinduism is one of the main religions of the East Coast, shared with Islam, Buddhism and Christianity. There are scores of temples located all over the province, but the Koneswaram Temple has become nationally and internationally identified as one of the most sacred sights. Getting to the Temple you'll pass through the old Trincomalee Fort, covered in old colonial buildings and share with free roaming deer, peacocks, monkeys, cats and dogs! 

Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

Open daily from 6am to 1pm, reopens from 4pm to 6.45pm

2km from Trincomalee Central Bus Stand

Top tip: As respect, visitors are requested to cover the shoulders and legs